Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Psychologist - Community Engagement Center - GHD


1-2 year(s) of relevant experience


Master’s/M. Phil Degree in psychology and/or a Post-Magisterial Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Last Date

5/26/2019 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


The Psychologist, in conjunction with the Community Trainer and Training Co-ordinator will be responsible for the development and training of i) Health Workers and ii) Community Members as part of the Community Engagement Center. In addition, he/she will play a key role in defining and implementing outreach processes integrated with the Psycho-Social Support Program (PSSI)

  1. Developing and Conducting trainings [50%]
  • Work with the Manager, Mental Health to organize regular trainings on basic counseling at the community and staff level
  • Develop a mental health crash course with the Training Co-ordinator that can be i) incorporated within CEC’s foundation course and ii) offered as a stand-alone course
  • Develop protocols for services offered by Interactive Research and Development (IRD) and the Indus Health Network (IHN), which require counselling components


  1. Program Management (PSSI) [50%]
  • Assist, train and provide guidance to an external team of community-based health workers trained in basic counseling – this includes providing feedback to the team on screening and counseling, discussing problematic/complex cases, etc and accompanying them on field visits.
  • Undertake personal psychotherapy with patients who are diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety
  • Manage data on health-worker led therapy sessions and conduct field visits as part of Monitoring and Evaluation stategy
  • Co-develop partnerships with stakeholders internally and externally for severe mental health referrals 
  • Present weekly and monthly progress reports to the Mental Health Manager and Directors for submission