Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Program Associate, Training and Learning - GHD


Experience with training and content development for at least 1 year, sound understanding of training competencies, demonstrated expertise in MS Office tools (2016 and/or 365)


Undergraduate degree in Social Sciences

Last Date

5/19/2019 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

The Program Associate, Training and Learning will be responsible for designing, organizing, conducting, and evaluating all training-related activities within the Community Engagement Centre. In coordination with the Program Manager, he/she will be responsible for the training, development and implementation of all core CEC training modules (Community Engagement, Youth Engagement and Mental Health). In addition, he/she will also work towards aligning public-health specific awareness session modules.


Training and Learning Centre [50%]

  • Providing logistical support, coordination and facilitation, for all training activities within the Community Engagement Centre. These include developing and conducting modules for employee on-boarding on i) Community Engagement (Introduction to Community Engagement, Introduction to SALT, Life Skills Based Education), ii) Mental Health (Initial Psychological Assistance, Basic Counselling Skills), and iii) Youth Engagement (Adolescent Health and Leadership, Meaningful Youth Participation)


  • With the Program Manager, Resource Development, undertake design, revision, and reiteration activities to ensure that all training modules are up-to-date with the global development and humanities industry


  • Train all new IHN staff on core modules on a regular basis. In addition, conduct periodical refresher modules for ongoing capacity building seminars


  • With the Program Manager, Resource Development, ensure that a robust evaluation mechanism for training is being followed. This includes understanding core competencies and methods of measuring competencies over time.


  • Conduct trainings externally with IRD and other agencies


Strengthening Ties through Awareness Raising (STAR) [30%]

  • In co-ordination with Program Managers of different public health programs within IHN, develop modules for awareness raising for different programs


  • Ensure dissemination of awareness sessions through STAR team by conducting regular master training


  • Develop periodic reports for stakeholders on CEC progress


Other [20%]

  • Update progress reports and presentations for the Training and Learning Centre and STAR on a regular basis


  • Any other related task assigned by the Program Manager


  • Act as lead trainer for other courses offered by the CEC where necessary


  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders