Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Counselor - PMDT (Sukkur) - Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT)


1-2 year(s) of relevant experience preferably working with T.B Patients


Bachelors in Clinical Psychology (alternatively, Bachelor in Social / Behavioral Sciences

Last Date

9/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Responsibility & Authority

01           Must be available 5 days a week to provide psychological help to susceptible and DR-TB patients

02           Must counsel and treat patients in concordance with WHO and NTP guidelines i.e. is cannot advise actions which are in conflict with the guidelines. 

03           Must not alter any treatment regimen without prior discussion with clinical team and then approval for clinical team leader (Naseem Salahuddin)

04           Maintain and complete documentation on each patient under his/her treatment

05           Report issues with a patient to program, clinical and field team

06           Facilitate referral to psychiatric facility for hospitalization

07           Conduct FGD with patients who are smear and culture negative to ensure compliance with treatment

08           Baseline intake meeting with all DR-TB patients at the time of enrollment

09           Follow-up with each patient once every two months at the time of their follow-up visit

10           Follow strict data confidentiality protocols

11           Follow strict infection control protocols during counseling sessions

12           Conduct field visits to other implementation partner sites for counseling of patients or visiting special cases who may not be able to come to IH e.g. Hyderabad/Kotri.

13           Develop tools for uniformly for M&E etc.

14           Assignments/tasks provided through Management.