Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Medical Officer - Nephrology





Last Date

6/13/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

  • This position works under the supervision of Head, Department of Nephrology or any other clinical faculty designated by HOD
  • To look after all patients requiring hemodialysis on relevant campus. This will include patients requiring temporary or life-long hemodialysis.
  • To fulfill all the pre-requisites of hemodialysis including consent, welfare, angio-access, counseling, hemodialysis prescription, investigations, etc.
  • Will be eligible to perform temporary angio-access on patients as per guidelines set by Nephrology department in coordination with Infection Control
  • Responsible for implementing all standard operating procedures in the hemodialysis facility
  • Must have valid ACLS certification to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in event of sudden cardiovascular collapse
  • May be asked to assess any patient in emergency, critical care or anywhere else for need of hemodialysis.
  • Responsible for listening to patients’ complaints and perform clinical examination of every patient being connected to hemodialysis.
  • Will be required to enter clinical documentation of every hemodialysis session as per standards set by Nephrology department.
  • Will generate and follow periodic investigations of hemodialysis patients as per protocol and will make necessary adjustments in hemodialysis prescription and medications as per guidelines.
  • Will be required to brief clinical faculty about hemodialysis patients. In case of any clinical conflict, will obey the orders of clinical faculty who shall then be responsible for the said action.
  • Can be asked to perform duty at any hemodialysis campus within the city whenever required