Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Officer - Finance


Minimum 1-2 years of relevant experience


BBA Finance Preferably MBA Finance

Last Date

6/16/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

  • Verify and ensure all stand alone modules of HMIS (e.g. Filter clinic / Consulting clinc / Emergency room’s notes and investigations, OT ward, dialysis, cath lab, ICU, CCU, etc.) are linked with billing system, to gather complete information to collect relevant data (financial and non financial).
  • Examine inpatient and outpatient billing system.
  • Scrutinize list of procedures duly prepared by the relevant consultants for approval by the CEO.
  • Examine standard cost of each procedure and its breakup.
  • Ensure patient-wise bills are correctly prepared and all relevant data (e.g. procedure name, MR no., admission no., date, surgeon name etc.) are included.
  • Verify that data relevant for investigations, bed charges, surgeon fee, anesthesia charges, OT charges, OT consumables, ward consumables, implants, medicines etc. have been collected and included in the final inpatient / outpatient bills.
  • Analyze and compare cost sheets (for each month and patient) with patient bills.
  • Ensure separate sheets of patients procedure cost have been prepared for sponsored patients as per MOU signed with different sponsoring agencies, parties, hospitals, individuals or otherwise and accordingly send respectively on a monthly basis.
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of summary reports of patients served through funds and donation funds, separately.
  • Present monthly summary reports, bills and zakat assessment forms of zakat mustahiq patients to Zakat Committee for verification and approval, to transfer such funds from Zakat Account to Operational General Account of the hospital.
  • All tasks assigned by Supervisor / Head of Department.