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Job Position - Department

Manager Finance-(Islamabad) - Finance


4-5 years of experience post articles experience preferably in donor agency's grant-funded project with similar role.


ACA, CA Finalist, ACCA

Last Date

7/15/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


  1. Financial Management:
  • Payables’ Management:           
    1. Review of vendor payments to ensure they are made on timely basis after due verification.
    2. Assist in resolution of queries before payment processing & giving advice to PSM
    3. Ensuring all payments are made with appropriate supporting duly verified by relevant deptt
    4. Review for completeness of Supporting’s, & Tax status of vendor, cheque Title, etc.
    5. Ensuring timely disbursements of cheques to vendors & others as per policy time frame
    6. Follow-up on unpresented / long outstanding cheques
    7. Ensuring reimbursement of perdiems and travel expenses claims as per approved policy
    8. Ensuring existence of and compliance of effective controls over all banking transactions
  • Petty Cash Management
  1. Implementation of Petty Cash Imprest system in six new Self-implemented districts
  2. Review of petty cash advance requests & replenishments as per imprest limit for PMU, two Provincial offices, and eight Self-implemented districts for compliance with petty cash policy.
  3. Capacity Building by guiding new SID’s staff on Petty Cash policy and recurring expenses for allowed & disallowed expenses and flow of financial documentation.
  4. Timely provision of advances to districts
  5. Provision of accurate templates to be used for IOU Forms / Vouchers & Expense Summary to new SIDs
  • Employee Advances Management:
  1. Review advance requests received from PMU, two Provincial Offices & eight Self -implementation districts for provision of budget approvals.
  2. Review of approvals from Department Heads & Project Director before payment
  3. Review of party wise ledgers for all District Coordinators of SIDs, Admin Assistants & Provincial Managers of two provincial offices for their timely adjustments as per policy.


  •  Payroll Processing:
  1. Review / Rechecking Monthly Payroll for calculation of EOBI, PF, PF Loans, Expense Reimbursements, Employee advance adjustments, and tax deductions.
  2. Review of Recon from Last month payroll to current month payroll
  3. Review of Payroll in GL to ensure it is booked against correct budget Lines
  4. Ensure Payroll is signed by Signatories as approved limits
  5. Check Calculation of final settlement of employees & coordinate with Karachi office for payment of P.F.
  6. Coordination with Bank for provision of Payroll Transfer instructions to credit employees accounts.
  • Grants’ Receipt Recording & Disbursements
  1. Ensuring accurate recording of donations received for grant as per grant notification using correct exchange rates
  2. Review of cash disbursement requests of FPHC & BRSP
  3. Ensuring grant disbursements are processed as per approved request received in designated bank accounts of SRs
  4. Reporting of Grants’ Receipts above PKR 5 Million to TIH Karachi HO as per requirement on Monthly Basis
  • Taxation & Tax Reporting:
  1. Close liaison with supply chain and procurement department to provide value input of sales tax and withholding tax exemption available to TIH on procurement of goods and services
  2. Ensuring application of correct tax percentages on deduction of withholding and sales tax for filers and non-filers
  3. Ensuring deposit of WHT and Sales tax withheld on timely basis of Govt. of Pakistan treasury
  4. Review of tax reporting for WHT & SST deducted for submission to Karachi HO on monthly basis
  • GL / Accounting System Maintenance:
  1. Prepare and Update Chart of Account & Cost Centers in Accounting System as per approved budget line and reporting requirements.
  2. Review of all system generated vouchers for their accuracy for account codes / budget lines, cost centers,
  3. Updating / Maintaining GL by opening new account codes after validating the request
  4. Updating / Maintaining GL by opening new cost centers after validating the request
  5. Review of Access rights for Data Entry Users
  • Coordination with Banks / Head Office:
  1. Coordination with Banks for new account openings,
  2. Resolving queries CBC calls for clearance of Cheques
  3. Liaison with concerned person in TIH Karachi for maintenance of proper receipt and dispatch record of payment vouchers and cheques
  4. Liaison with TIH Karachi for Signing of bank cheques from signatories
  5. Budgeting
    1. i.     Ensuring correct budget code allocation for all payments / disbursements in coordination with Sr. Grants Coordinator
    2. ii.     In absence of Sr. Grants Coordinator preparation of Variance analysis reports for actual and budgeted expenses i.e. budget line item wise and provide HO reports.
  6. Capacity Building of Finance Staff:
  1. i.     Review need for Finance Staff training by identification of weak areas.
  2. ii.     Conduct inter-department capacity building exercise for new joiners.
  3. Support to Provincial & District Offices & SRs:
    1. i.     Coordination with Provincial offices of Projects district offices therein for their financial queries and providing guidance for their resolution.
    2. ii.     Review of financial documentation as per guidelines of projects along with personal visits at their respective offices
  4. Audit Coordination & Support:
  1. i.     Act as Lead coordinator for Grant external audits
  2. ii.     Coordination with Internal Audit for all Pre & Post audit issues.
Conduct Quarterly SR financial reviews & report findings