Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Program Associate - Zindagi Mehfooz - GHD


No prior work experience required


Bachelor’s degree(s) in a relevant field including public health, social science, international relations

Last Date

9/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Program Assistant in carrying out by training collecting data through qualitative and quantitative techniques, analyzing data and presenting it. They also act as supervisors for field team and mobilize them to facilitate data collection. They also manage inventory, plan and schedule visits, trainings and meetings.

  1. Data Collection through qualitative (In-depth interviews and focus group) and quantitative (questionnaires/surveys) techniques
  2. Assist training and monitoring teams on data collection
  3. Assist in arranging meetings and trainings
  4. Data analysis using SPSS and Stata
  5. Supervise, mobilize and manage field teams
  6. Prepare and share updates on a weekly or monthly basis
  7. Analyze quantitative and qualitative data through statistical methods
  8. Establish and maintain relationships with partners and stakeholders i.e Government, community focal persons, political and social activists and different NGOs, etc.
  9. Write literature review through secondary research
  10. Filling out IRB (Internal Review Board) forms for approval of research proposals and prepare for IRB documentation
  11. Responsible for petty cash for the project
  12. Filing Payment/Travel/Vehicle/Procurement and other Requisitions of the project
  13. Managing inventory at different levels
  14. Hiring and training of field workers
Prepare presentation slides for the managers meeting