Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Admin Assistant - Shadi Large - GHD


1-2 year (s) of relevant experience



Last Date

1/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


  1. Maintain the computerized inventory system and ensure it is properly updated.
  2. Ensure all documentation is maintained and proper protocol followed when receiving stock. This includes inspecting and verifying quantities, packaging, quality and expiration dates etc.
  3. Ensure goods and stock are properly handled, placed, and segregated category-wise for identification.
  4. Ensure goods are correctly issued to concerned departments on FIFO basis, as approved and documented.
  5. Ensure physical stock is maintained as optimum levels determined by monthly consumption and present stock; raise purchase requisitions and obtain relevant approvals from HOD.
  6. Arrange for and ensure all material is properly handled during loading, unloading and transportation.
  7. Coordinate with the Head of Department to resolve matters related to procurement and inventory.
  8. Coordinate with the Manager Store immediately in case of any discrepancy or information related to store.
  9. Regularly check lock and key systems to avoid security risk.
  10. Perform all tasks assigned by the manager / Head of Department.