Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Site Supervisors - ZTB (Peshawar) - Zero TB Cities


At least one to two year relevant experience.



Last Date

1/26/2020 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


This position is responsible for supervision and management of field teams, implementation of field activities, adequate maintenance of field supplies, managing patient flow, documentation of activities , managing maximum utilization of the gene-expert machine, monitoring its maintenance and conducting outreach programs.

TASKS & ACCOUNTABILITIES:                                                                                                      

•             Ensure that a maximum number of individuals are actively screened for TB by the field teams.

•             Ensure that all presumptives identified through screening undergo appropriate diagnostic processes (sputum collection,chest X-ray and gene-xpert testing)

•             Ensure that all MTB positive patients identified are registered, put on treatment and adequately followed-up during treatment

•             Ensure contact tracing and referral follow-ups (where necessary) of confirmed TB patients

•             Monitoring and management of field teams (screeners, gene xpert technicians) based at their facilities

•             Provide regular/daily feedback of site activities to the program team

•             Ensure Daily/Weekly/monthly compilation of screening, testing and treatment follow-up data and timely formulation of reports

•             Ensure maximum utilization of gene xpert machine, adequate testing and reporting by the team.

•             Ensure adequate and efficient usage of supplies at the facility.

•             Ensure maintenance of gene-xpert machine along with the gene xpert technician as per specified requirements.

•             Provide support to other Zero TB relevant programs at their designated site.

•             Liaise with hospital staff, doctors and other relevant administrative bodies to facilitate with active screening and treatment of identified TB patients.

•             Ensure all safety and infection control protocols are being followed by the field teams.

•             Lead the field teams during community outreach programs and campaigns