Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Health Worker/Screeners - FAST (Karachi) - Project Management Unit (PMU)


Preference would be given to candidates with relevant experience with Smart phone skills.


Matric with English and computer/smart phone skills to collect patient data.

Last Date

8/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


This position is responsible for screening, documentation, outreach, support of identified TB presumptives and provide facilitation for patient registration, treatment follow-up ,default tracing and  contact tracing where necessary.

6. TASKS & ACCOUNTABILITIES:                  

•             To actively screen patients, attendants and others, using the identified diagnostic tools in high volume OPDs in various public and private hospitals, community camps, schools, workplaces and other identified areas across the city.

•             Conduct a verbal screening at assigned areas using a screening form based on symptomatic screening.

•             Ensure accurate and complete documentation of screened individuals and filling in of all the required data points.

•             To identify presumptive TB cases and guide suspects on sputum expectoration and assist with sample submission for gene xpert testing.

•             To convince a maximum number of patients and attendants at the facilities (or community camps, schools, work areas etc)  to have chest x-rays conducted for the purpose of screening for chest abnormalities.

•             To counsel and educate patients , attendants and other individuals and create awareness regarding the spread of TB

•             To create awareness amongst the identified masses regarding the program and its structure

•             To ensure positive TB patients are registered for treatment, provide follow-up support to the doctor and carry out contact and default tracing.

•             To ensure that the established patient flow system for the site is being followed accurately

•             Safely separating identified TB presumptives by providing masks to avoid lack of spread.

•             Participate in outreach activities such as community camps, visiting schools, work place programs and other social mobilization platforms.