Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Resident Medical Officer - EndTB Trial - GHD


1-2 years Consultant or Senior Resident/Fellow/Registrar Internal Medicine


MBBS with FCPS Internal Medicine. Current registration with the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC)

Last Date

8/8/2020 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Outpatient management for the endTB clinical trials (8:30 hrs. to 17:00 hrs)
 Undergo training in the protocol, trial procedures, and GCP.
 Conduct activities below as per the protocol of the two clinical trials being conducted in parallel
(endTB and endTB Q)
 Engage with clinic staff, and assist endTB trial staff and counsellors to identify and recruit potentially
eligible rifampicin-resistant TB patients for the trial.
 Together with a research nurse, perform screening procedures for potential participants to assess
eligibility for the trial.
 Together with a research nurse, perform trial follow up visits and associated procedures in accordance
with the protocol and GCP.
 Prescribe study drugs, ancillary drugs, and antiretroviral agents (if needed) to trial participants.
 Perform medical assessments at every trial visit (and at unscheduled visits) to monitor clinical progress
and to assess for adverse events.
 Perform medical assessments and follow up visits of trial participants in hospital when necessary.
 Assist research nurses with trial procedures, including phlebotomy, ECGs, toxicity screening.
 Complete Case Report Forms and other trial documents.
 Discuss clinical problems with the site Principal Investigator, and prepare reports for the trial Clinical
Advisory Committee (CAC) where appropriate.
 Engage with clinic staff and other members of the team to identify medical problems or difficulty with
adherence to study drugs.
 Liaise with clinic staff, including doctors, nurses, and counsellors, to share and discuss clinical progress
of trial participants.
 Maintain regular contact with clinic doctors regarding the recruitment and management of trial
participants. This includes writing and responding to referral letters where required.
 Travel to trial clinic sites in Karachi.
 Compile reports on serious adverse events, and communicate these to the trial pharmacovigilance unit 
and local regulatory authorities (together with the Trial Coordinator and site Principal Investigator).
 Assist with quality control and data entry and management.
 Attend regular meetings with the endTB trial team.
OPD Management
 Execute PMDT SOP’s in patient’s care and good management skill in procedures for Tuberculosis
patients in OPD setting.
 Reads and understands updated WHO guidelines of Management of Drug Sensitive and Drug
Resistant Tuberculosis alongside with National Guideline and implements them in clinical setting
by prescribing TB treatment with correct dosage and discusses potential side-effects with patients.
 Does routine morning OPD 8:30 hrs. to 17:00 hrs.
 Prescribe or administer medication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat or
prevent illness, disease, or injury.
 Ensure work procedures and technical specifications required by hospital are executed according
to clinical SOP’s
 Provide medical support to team members to facilitate quick management of patients
 Analyze records, reports, test results, or examination information to diagnose medical condition of
 Analyze test data or images to confirm and inform of diagnosis as well as potential treatment
 Collect, record and maintain patient information, such as medical history, family history reports
and previous examination results. Proper Documentation regarding the patient medical
information is mandatory.
ON Call Duty In-patient management (on-call dutry/ night duty)
 Management of patients hospitalized for overnight stay in the treatment management unit in the
TB clinic.
 Explain medical procedures and discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients and
their family members
 Monitor patients' conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary.
 Proper handing and taking over of the patient at the end of each shift
General Responsibilities
 He/She will be responsible for discussing difficult patients with program clinical expert and should
be able to relay labs/images to expert via what’s app or skype.
 Maintain professional and polite doctor- patient approach at all the time to understand patient’s
 Adheres to Infection control policies of Tuberculosis Clinic and Indus Health Network
 Perform any other task as assigned by the concerned Head
 Excellent Ability to handle / operate computer applications.