Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Receptionist - Front Desk Services


Minimum 1 years of relevant experience


Graduation with Computer Diploma

Last Date

10/17/2021 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Graduation with Computer Diploma with Minimum 1 years of relevant experience.

General Tasks and Accountabilities:

  1. Tend to patients, visitors and healthcare professionals politely and efficiently dealing with any queries tactfully and discreetly, referring them to professional staff and other relevant departments.
  2. Answer enquiries on the telephone; take messages, screen calls for Surgeons, Anesthetists & Nursing Staff.
  3. Communicate with emergency services in case of required for any patient.
  4. Liaise with supervisors to ensure that an appropriate level of stationery and printer consumables is maintained.
  5. Schedule and organize appointments for patients, obtaining accurate and appropriate information from other health providers and ensure departmental guidelines regarding time limits. Schedule follow up appointments as recommended by the consultants.
  6. Ensure that all relevant paperwork, including appointment letters and supporting documentation is completed to the highest standards.
  7. Ensure effective day to day operation of the reception area by maintaining available and operational administrative resources. Ensure the reception desk and waiting areas are maintained in a presentable manner.
  8. Assist patient/attendant(s) in sending to department of Patient Welfare as per request.
  9. Participate in administration of electronic patient information system. Responsible for updating information about patients in HMIS system.
  10. Prepare daily audit reports for electronic patient information system and monitor amendments.
  11. Maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion in relation to all Hospital matters dealing with sensitive issues. Ensure confidentiality is adhered to all times and discretion is used with sound of judgment.
  12. Facilitate patients when referred to other hospitals for procedures not catered at TIH currently by arranging for appointments and transport.
  13. Responsible to perform any other duties as assigned by the Supervisor/Head of the Department.
  14. Perform all tasks assigned by the Supervisor/head of the Department.


Consulting Clinics

  1. Ensure all patients’ vitals are checked.
  2. Ensure new patients are registered as requested by the Consultants.
  3. Provide medicine to patients on order of Consultant as a special case (OPD medicine not allowed).
  4. Generate pharmacy requisition in inventory system maintaining a record of medications.
  5. Block / reschedule appointments when consultants are not available, or OPD is canceled.



  1. Direct patients to triage room as required.
  2. Issue admission number and visitor pass to patients.
  3. Schedule follow up appointment of consultant In case of referred to Consultant by ER doctor.
  4. Ensure bed management in case of bed unavailability in ICU, CCU, Ward.
  5. Discharge the patient after advice of duty doctor and receive visitor pass from patient.
  6. Coordinate, collect and distribute case notes, reports, workshops posters and other relevant information.
  7. Responsible for being an integral part of the counter disaster plan of the hospital and the attendance at relevant meetings.


Lab & Radiology

  1. Collect and arrange registration cards from patients.
  2. Ensure the daily appointment limit is maintained for all tests and procedures.
  3. Generate IRS (Investigation Requisition Slip).
  4. Coordinate with Sonologist/Radiologist as required.
  5. Coordinate with Radiology clerks to provide important link between patients and x-ray technicians.
  6. Ensure all receptions keys are submitted and re-issued at main Reception or OPD reception.



  1. Ensure allocation and preparation of bed at the time of admission.
  2. Receive patient in wards ward and take him/her for weight and identity band.
  3. Inform all related staff (including staff nurses, doctors and OT personnel) about admitted patient.
  4. Assist patients in sending to department of Radiology and for G.A Fitness
  5. Maintain patient admission and discharge records; assure patients are discharged upon authorization from doctors.
  6. Send food requisitions to department of Food services for all admitted patient with NPO remarks.
  7. Verify patients are admitted according to the bed wise system on a daily basis by HMIS
  8. Assist with the shifting of patients in shifting to OT when requested by OT staff.
  9. Receive external calls and give messages to respective patients.
  10. Maintain records of Accommodation Request Form.
  11. Provide follow up appointments to patients with medication prescription.


Operation Theater

  1. Coordinate with patients in the wards and the Admission Office for surgeries and admissions.
  2. Liaise between the O.T management regarding distribution of mail, file, and all correspondence e.g. letters, memos, newsletters, flyers, signage, stock lists etc as requested.
  3. Complete surgical coding in electronic patient information system.
  4. Monitor elective list, delays and coordinate accordingly.
  5. Obtain and collect pathology results, medical records, scans, equipment etc as requested by medical and nursing staff.