Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Senior Technician - Operating Rooms


Minimum 03-05 Years Of Relevant Experience


OT Diploma From PMF/BS In OT Technology

Last Date

5/29/2022 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

The Senior Technician is will maintain all surgical and medical equipment, as well as assist surgeons during Operation Theatre procedures.

  • Assist all major surgeries independently; must be specialized in a particular area of surgery.
  • Arrange and maintain equipment and instrument for special procedures.
  • Ensure consent forms have the correct patient information and have been signed and approved by the concerned authority.
  • Assist surgeons to scrub in.
  • Ensure sound aseptic measures are followed.
  • Run OR in the absence of the In-charge.
  • Perform the following OT Operational activities independently:
    • Clean all OT and medical equipment
    • Arrange surgical instruments for the procedure
    • Arrange trolleys with minimum supervision.
    • Verify availability of all equipment, instruments and consumable items before and after procedures, informing the surgeon accordingly.
    • Document the use of all equipment during procedures
    • Document the consumption form.
    • Shift the patient to the Recovery Room after assuring the patient is cleaned, dressed and covered.
    • Implement and ensure patient safety measures are followed.
    • Coordinate with Housekeeping to ensure cleanliness of the OR is maintained.
    • Maintain effective communication channel between surgeons and OT staff.
Perform all tasks as assigned by the Head of Department