Job Detail

Job Position - Department

System Coordinator - Information Technology


Minimum 2 years of relevant experience


BSCS or Equivalent

Last Date

8/21/2022 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

• Responsible to develop and complete actions in system specifications, technical and logistical requirements

 and other disciplines.

• Responsible to create and maintain programmatic and technical documentation to insure efficient

planning and execution.

• Responsible to manage and document system configurations.

• Responsible to provide proper feedback and justification in design and setup of large scale infrastructure

and must be able to work in stress environment.

• Responsible to serve as a subject matter expert for architectural frameworks, methods and tools.

• Responsible to ensure proper backup in terms equipment and identity the risk(s) involvement.

• Responsible for compatibility of the hardware and software used within the organization and off -

side projects.

• Responsible to ensure infrastructure safety and security using best strategies and policies, update and

 upgrade infrastructure setup.

• Responsible to create user ID on active directory (LDAP) / Best suited application in TIH domain as per the

 standard procedure /  unlock ids, reset passed etc on LDAP.

• Responsible to enable / disable user id as per the standard procedure when an employee resignation alert

is sent.

• Responsible to maintain log of all user id maintenance activity.

• Responsible for Network Management like switch (Distribution / Core / Client), Fiber Backbone, Full

Network rack (CAT - 6, Patch Panel), Storage such as San, NAS, Other Storage, Firewall.