Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Head of Campus - Operations


Minimum 10 years of relevant experience out of which 06 years at managerial level


Master in Healthcare Administration (or MBA with major in Hospital/Health Management); preferably with a medical degree

Last Date

1/30/2023 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

  1. Responsible to set up clear expectations and accountabilities for line Managers / Assistant Managers /Team Leads etc.
  2. Responsible to maintains current and future view of solution capabilities with eye towards understanding the impact on services.
  3. Motivate management staff, set directions, delegate and set objectives & goals.
  4. Collaborates with other stakeholders / HOD,s / line management staff for the purpose of building working professional relationship, as well as implementing and maintaining services /programs.
  5. Responsible to monitor daily operations for the purpose of ensuring the efficiency of  operations.
  6. Responsible to conduct or (as directed) technical – administrative investigations e.g. breach of security, violation of Indus code of conduct and to ensure that investigations are carried out impartial manner.
  7. Responsible to develop control & monitoring tools / departmental policies & procedures for line managers / assistant managers / team leads and ensure effective implementation  – monitoring.
  8. Responsible to develop departmental annual goals & objectives / capex and to provide technical guidance to management staff.
  9. Performs personnel functions (e.g. interviewing, work performance evaluation, supervising,, staff development etc.) for the purpose of maintain adequate staffing, enhancing productivity of personnel and achieving objectives within budgets 
  10. Leads and inspects campus/outreach facilities to ensure that best practices are in place and effectively being managed by line management staff.
  11. Perform other responsibilities as requested by the Hospital COO.