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Job Position - Department

Manager - Finance


Articles completed from a QCR rated firm.


CA Qualified

Last Date

6/21/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

  1. Division-level:
    1. i.     Development, improvement and monitoring of Divisional policies and procedures.
    2. ii.     Ensuring each position under span of control is manned with efficient and productive resource.
    3. iii.   Ensuring KPIs and reporting mechanism for monitoring each position’s (under span of control) performance are in place and the same are being monitored on regular basis and corrective actions taken, including personnel counseling and mentorship.
    4. iv.   Ensuring adequate and appropriate segregation of duties from internal controls perspective are in place.
    5. v.   Ensuring adequate and appropriate continuity planning is in place.
    6. vi.   Ensuring adequate and appropriate succession planning is in place.
    7. vii.   Ensuring all assets of TIH are adequately covered through Takaful.
    8. viii.   Ensuring that the authorities matrix (finance related) contributes towards effective and efficient internal controls and ensuring compliance thereof.
    9. ix.   Contribute towards development of a robust Financials module in TIH’s Hospital Management Information System.
    10. x.   Interact actively with various stakeholders in TIH with whom Finance has inter-dependencies and contribute productively towards resolving organizational issues.


  1. Treasury Management (Payables; Disbursements – Payroll, Creditors and Petty Cash; Banking; Placements)
    1. i.     Ensuring all disbursement related processes are lean and efficient.
    2. ii.     Ensuring disbursement timelines are met by all related personnel.
    3. iii.   Ensuring that Finance contributes to it’s maximum potential in ensuring that commitments made with suppliers are fulfilled on time.
    4. iv.     Ensuring existence and compliance of effective controls exist over banking transactions.
    5. v.     Ensuring cash flow projections are prepared on a monthly basis and inter-bank funds movement & investment decisions taken on the basis of these projects are in the best interest of TIH.


  1. Budgeting
    1. i.     Ensuring appropriate budgeting mechanism and system is in place.
    2. ii.     Ensuring variance analysis reports are generated at regular intervals and reviewed critically. Moreover, ensure that based on such reports, discussions are held with relevant departmental heads and reasoning / justification for the variances are obtained.
    3. iii.     Ensure that executive-level and board-level, department-wise Budget reports are prepared and ready for presentation on monthly basis.


  1. Costing and Billing
    1. i.     Ensuring that the costing mechanism in place enables correct costing of services being rendered.
    2. ii.     Ensuring that patient bills (cost sheets) reflect all relevant costs incurred, directly or indirectly, on such patients.
    3. iii.     Ensuring implementation and application of standard costing.
    4. iv.     Ensuring that costs are reviewed appropriately on a quarterly basis and proposals for costing revisions are timely drafted and presented to the Shariah Committee for approval.


  1. Accounts
    1. i.     Ensuring that the accounting system is capable of generating accurate financial statements on a monthly basis latest by the 5th of every month.


  1. Taxation
    1. i.     Ensuring that all applicable taxation laws are complied with on a timely basis.