Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Ultrasound Technologist - Radiology


Minimum 1 year of relevant experience


B.Sc. (Medical Imaging Technology)

Last Date

2/12/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


1. Treats the patients politely, answers to their questions patiently and guides them properly.

 2. Uses initiative to prioritize, deliver and time-manage workload effectively and, when required assists senior staff to plan efficient control of work flow patterns within the department.

3. Assesses patients and interprets clinical requirements to determine appropriate radiographic techniques.

4. Positions patients safely for examinations and, adapts standard techniques depending on medical/surgical conditions associated with disability, illness or trauma.

5. Records imaging identification and patient documentation quickly and accurately and observes protocols to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Rules and Patient’s Confidentiality.

6. Assists radiologist and senior staff in complex radiological examinations.

7. Stops operating the unit on detection of any abnormality and reports the matter to the Radiologist/Administration. In no case any attempt to locate & rectify the fault is made.

8. Documenting information with computers.

9. Analyze images for preliminary findings.  

10. Maintain patients’ imaging records

*** Preventive / Promotive

1. Ensures safe custody of all the accessories of the X-Ray unit of which he is in charge. Keeps the X-Ray rooms locked when not in use. Does not leave the Department unattended during attending a call from indoors and makes a Dresser, Sweeper or guards to watch the incoming persons, if any.

2. Understands and observes health and safety precautions/instructions issued by PAEC for self and others protection.

3. Wears dosimeter during duty.

4. Ensures that cardiac and respiratory stimulants are at hand, whenever a

All assigned task by head of the department.