Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Dispenser - Gorano (Tharparkar Based) - Community Health Directorate


Minimum 01 year of relevant experience


Matric with Dispenser Diploma

Last Date

9/24/2023 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

Coordinate with Pharmacists to ensure Pharmacy inventory is adequately maintained and protocols are followed during change of shifts, under the supervision of the shift in charge Pharmacist. Maintain all records and relevant documentation.

• Under the supervision, of Pharmacists fill patient requisitions accurately according to the issued requisitions and patient’s drug profiles.

• Ensure unit-dose medications are packed, labeled, and promptly delivered to the inpatients.

•Monitor collected empty vials, ampoules, packs, etc., and update the Pharmacy inventory accordingly by issuing requisitions on the HMIS.

• Maintain and monitor adequate inventory stock and prepare the requisitions of required items.

• Receive the goods from the Pharmacy store, ensuring all stock is stored at the proper location and temperature. All stock is to be issued according to the FEFO method.

• Maintain records of all Pharmacy related documentation and provide assistance to Pharmacy assistants when required. Provide dispensed drugs to Nursing stations in the absence of the Pharmacy Assistant.

• Maintain a record of all stock detailing fast-moving/slow-moving/short expiry / expired/broken, damaged items.

• Coordinate with House Keeping and Maintenance to ensure temperature, light, and cleanliness standards are adhered to in the Pharmacy.

• Assist Pharmacists in regularly auditing stock.

• Perform all related tasks assigned by the Shift In-charge Pharmacist / Assistant Manager of Pharmacy Services.