Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Cook - Nutrition & Food Services


Minimum 3 Years of relevant experience


Matric with Relevant Certificate

Last Date

9/21/2023 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Job Description:

  • Examine kitchen fridges / chest freezers daily to check dinner leftover food (if any); record / enter leftover data in the system form, consult duty supervisor and ensure that all leftover food is handled safely.
  • Handle / report to duty supervisor regarding spoiled food / stale food OR food which is doubtful for consumption
  • Ensure the safe pre-processing, preparation and production of patient and non-patients food in accordance with established menu cycle days.
  • Prepare patient short orders and breakfast / grill items on order or for staff dining in accordance with menu cycle or as assigned by supervisor.
  • Prepare sundry food items i.e. soups / sandwiches/ salads / vegetables and modified and non-modified patient items, as assigned by supervisor.
  • Collect and assemble patient and non patient food material / ingredients from store for the production of breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks menu (as per same day food production system).
  • Ensure timely food preparation/ production of inpatients / non patient food in accordance with required portions / quantities.
  • Prepare food as per standardized recipes and ensuring strict control on food waste during /after cooking.
  • Clean (while at work or “clean as you go”) all kitchen equipment and ensure that clean and tidy kitchen is handed over to next shift cooking staff
  • Ensure food supplies of perishable / non perishable items and herbs are safe for consumption.
  • Ensure the continuous cleaning, hygiene, sanitation of kitchen areas.
  • Ensure the mandatory dress code is followed e.g. caps, beard nets, gloves, apron while at work / duty.
  • Assist food service helper, cleaning cereal and peel vegetables as assigned by supervisor.
  • Assist transporting food to staff dining or any other location as directed by duty supervisor
  • Ensure end of morning working shift (as per duty schedule) details of leftover food must be recorded on system and physically handed over to Evening Shift Cook prior to sign out.
  • Morning and Evening Shifts Cook(s) are responsible to ensure the safety and storage of food items received/issued from Store. All fresh vegetables for the lunch should be taken from Store at 9 am and 3.30 pm for the same day.