Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Sonologist (Gorano Tharparkar) - Community Health Directorate


2-3 years relevant experience


MBBS , MD / DMRD / Diploma In Sonologist

Last Date

9/24/2023 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

Examine and diagnose disorders and diseases using x-rays and Ultrasound. Obtain patients' histories from electronic records, patient interviews, dictated reports, or by communicating with referring clinicians 

  • A sinologist uses ultrasound machines to view and interpret images with sound waves for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.
  • Diagnostic medical sinologist is to perform accurate ultrasound tests of a particular area of the body, based on a physician's order.
  • Analyzes the test result from the ultrasound equipment. Calculations and measurements of the images are performed and presented to the physician for a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Responsible for ultrasound section in term examination of patients and equipments
  • Providing quality services of ultrasound to the patient
  • which may require any time during night, your days off, national holidays and etc
  • Explain the ultrasound procedure to patients and answer any questions they may have
  • Maintain ultrasound equipment and sterilize the room in which the procedure takes place
  • Spread the ultrasound gel on the surface of the patient’s body covering the internal area being imaged
  • Perform the ultrasound ensuring the transducer (probe) is capturing images of every angle/section that must be assessed
  • Evaluate the images for their quality, but also to interpret what was captured in the image
  • Present images and preliminary findings to physicians and the healthcare team
  • Maintain patient records and add medical notes related to the ultrasound procedure
  • You are reporting to Clinical Manager who can assign you any other duties