Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Senior Chiller Operator - Maintenance


Minimum 5 years of prior work experience required.


DAE (HVAC/Mechanical/Electrical)

Last Date

9/20/2023 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

  • Responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing industrial chillers and their associated components. This may include chillers, cooling towers, pumps, motors, valves, filters, compressors, evaporators, and condensers.
  • Operating and maintaining chiller and cooling tower equipment to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Inspecting the mechanical equipment facilitates to ensure proper operation.
  • Performing routine maintenance on chiller and cooling towers, including cleaning and repairing. Pump, compressors, and evaporators along with all related equipment.
  • Maintaining records of equipment use for billing purposes.
  • Installing new cooling equipment when needed.
  • Work as assigned by senior.