Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Lady Medical officer - Flood Relief Project


One-year house job and registration with PMDC is mandatory.



Last Date

9/20/2023 12:00:00 AM

Job Description



  • A professional approach must be adopted with all patients, staff and visitors.
  • MOs must work within their level of experience and competence and highlight verbally and in writing, all the orders given by consultants and their team members while taking care of patients in wards.
  • To provide medical cover, routine and emergency, during hours of duty and work in conjunction with the other MO so as to provide a 24-hour service to the hospital.
  • To evaluate the pts admitted to the ward by taking complete history and performing pertinent physical examination and to document all above in the HMIS
  • To undertake morning, evening and night ward round daily and if possible with a member of the nursing staff when available ensuring patients are visited where appropriate.
  • To record the progress and any event of the patient in HMIS system accordingly following ward rounds or any other patient examinations, communication or procedures.
  • To seek advice from the senior team member in any case regarding patients health
  • To receive a hand over report on patients from the alternative RMO/SMO and to attend the ward areas preferably within an hour when commencing the duty in all shifts
  • To provide pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care for the admitted patients
  • To manage laboring pts and perform vaginal deliveries including vacuum deliveries as per their residency/competency level and defined supervision
  • To asses and manage pts in ER .All the complicated antenatal pts should be assessed by SMO and endorsed by specialist on call before the decision of admission or Discharge is made
  • To undertake within their level of experience and competence certain medical procedures advised by the Consultant
  • To liaise with nursing staff regularly to check on patient progress, or more frequently if their condition necessitates. To see patients at the request of nurses in charge and carry out examinations of patients accordingly
  • To discuss medication on discharge with patients and write a discharge summary on discharging of patient
  • All patient’s medical information is confidential and must be respected at all levels. Medical Officer shall not leak information at any cost
  • To provide urgent medical attention and urgent treatment to staff or visitors in case of accident or sudden illness in liaison with medical team
  • To remain on the hospital premises whilst on duty. In the event of an RMO/SMO not attending for duty, the previous MO must remain until a replacement is found ensuring continuous cover
  • To comply with all hospital policies and procedures in particular those relating to Health and Safety at Work