Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Senior Officer, Coordination QIPS (Islamabad Based) - Reko Diq - Nok Kundi (Balochistan)


Minimum 3-4 years of relevant experience


Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Profession (Nursing, Pharmacy, Hospital Administration or Other Relevant Discipline)

Last Date

7/14/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

  1. Implementation of Continuous Improvement Initiatives including;
  2. New Quality Management System
  3. Patient Safety Walk rounds Program; this involves, among other things, analyzing and reporting on clinical practices; processes; error reporting and the environment from the perspective of patient safety;
  4. Sentinel Events and Root Cause analysis as per Sentinel Events Guidelines;
  5. Training for Quality Improvement Initiatives and FOCUS PDCA (System Improvement Methodology) Projects - with a view to the next stages; FMEA and 6 Sigma;
  6. Facilitating the implementation, analyzing, reporting and reviewing the effectiveness of the various initiatives and recommending and implementing further improvements (Continuous Improvement Cycle).
  7. Responsible for recommendations regarding annual review/revision within all TIH quality management programs/activities, databases, indicators etc. Perform retrospective or concurrent reviews on assigned areas utilizing TIH approved Indicators Monitoring System (IMS) databases, indicators or criteria.
  8. Responsible for reviewing results of committee meetings, mini focus studies, QM Team activities etc. from all assigned facilities and participating in preparation of quarterly reports for the senior manager of the Quality Management Department.
  9. As assigned by the Director, coordinate Quality Management Activities with TIH Directorates to maximize staff expertise in the area of Quality Management.
  10. Facilitate the preparation of monthly and quarterly reports regarding the Quality Management Program and compliance with same for all assigned facilities.