Job Detail

Job Position - Department

District Coordinator-Tharparkar - Operations


4 -5 years’ experience in the health sector. Experience of working with international, national organizations and government agencies in the same capacity.


Masters in Social Science

Last Date

2/21/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


1)      Manage TIH district malaria office; warehouse district level team.

2)      Maintain close liaison with district counterparts on all technical and operational aspects of the program.

3)      In the line with the approved WP and PF develop a quarterly and Monthly DIP and share with provincial manager for approval from PMU Islamabad.

4)      Provide regular feedback on project activities to Provincial Office and PMU Islamabad on regular basis.

5)      In coordination with the district health authorities, identify malaria diagnostic and treatment centers and facilitate that these are maintained and providing Malaria prevention, treatment services as per the agreed SOPs.

6)      In coordination with the district health authorities, identify 25 private health centers to Malaria intervention through private sector.

7)      In coordination with the district health authorities, organize capacity building training, workshop, meetings for the staff of public and private health facilities on various Grant interventions.

8)      Monitoring all the record of logistic supplies.

9)      Regularly organize malaria coordination meetings at districts levels, share meeting minutes with Provincial office and act on action points raised in the meetings.

10)   In coordination with the district health authorities, DMU ensure that facility monthly reports are collected and District Monthly report is prepared and submitted to provincial office timely.

11)   In Collaboration with Provincial teams, conduct need assessments and surveys.

12)   Maintain all program data bases (DHIS2/MIS, training and log data) timely at district levels.

13)   Provide technical and logistical support to make the nonfunctional malaria diagnostic centers fully operational.

14)   To participate in training arranged by PMU Islamabad.

15)   To Conduct monitoring & supervisory visits to health facilities at district level providing malaria related services.

16)   Strictly follow monthly and quarterly program implementation plans.

17)   Prepare monthly reports as per the need of the program.

18)   To provide data in orderly manner for quarterly progress update at PMU Islamabad.

19)   Carry out any other program related task assigned by the Supervisor

20)   Any other task assigned by supervisor