Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Community Advocate - Ziarat - Malaria Project


1. Experience of conducting community sessions 2. Experience of community sessions reporting 3. Able to use Mobile for coordination, documentation and reporting 4. Ability to mobilize the community and must be resident of the selected Union Council


Graduate FA/FSc, Bachelor Degree will be preferred

Last Date

4/6/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


The main responsibilities include mobilizing community, conducting BCC session as per training plan, sharing daily session details with pictures and attendance sheets on WhatsApp and submission of completed session reports on a monthly basis.

1.       Community mobilization

2.       06 sessions per month per unique location with minimum 10 unique participants (male, female, young people-above 13 years, migrants, temporarily displaced people, brick kilns, differently abled people etc.)

3.       Conduct BCC sessions as per plan

4.       In case of any changes in the plan timely communicate to the concerning DA

5.       Submission of daily signed attendance just after completion of session

6.       Submission of at least 3 pictures of the session

7.       Submission of daily report on prescribed format including feedback from the participants

8.       Ensure use of WhatsApp group for sharing session updates

9.       Any other assignment deemed appropriate