Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Coordinator - Academic - Core


Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in program coordination, preferably in a healthcare or educational setting.


MBBS/BDS /Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Emergency Medicine, Education, or a related field.

Last Date

5/17/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description

The Program Co-ordinator (PC) is responsible for supporting all aspects of the development of the Certificate Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM) at Indus Hospital, Karachi.  The PC reports directly to the Program Director, but will take direction from other members of the CPEM leadership team, including the Faculty Heads and representatives of the Hospital Administration.  Detailed responsibilities may shift over time, but will include supporting:


  • Visiting faculty support
    • Supporting visiting faculty in preparing for their time in Karachi, including travel logistics, visas, orientation, etc.  This will include drafting and disseminating orientation materials and SOPs for the visiting faculty’s time in Karachi
    • Being the primary logistical liaison for visiting faculty while in Karachi, and helping them manage their lodging and transportation issues within Karachi
  • Program participant recruitment
    • Supporting all aspects of enrolling students in the program, including collecting and organizing application, scheduling and participating in interviews, and communication with applicants prior to enrollment
    • Managing any and all financial interactions with participants and their supporting institutions
  • General administration
    • Keeping notes and publishing minutes from all group meetings
    • Assist program leads in finalizing annual program budget
    • Maintain a spreadsheet of program revenue (through fees) and expenses
    • Management of program resources and supplies, including library, simulation materials, etc.


  • Curriculum and course administration
    • Maintaining curriculum materials for the didactic and simulation components of CPEM, and assuring that logistics are assured for the weekly sessions
    • Maintaining relevant attendance lists for all didactic sessions
    • Managing the participant evaluation process, including faculty evaluations and tests/examinations
  • Electronic communications and management
    • Serving as primary contact point for the CPEM email, and engaging members of the program leadership as necessary
    • Building and maintaining the CPEM website, Dropbox and calendar
  • Scientific and grant-writing
    • Support program leads in writing manuscripts, research proposals and grants