Job Detail

Job Position - Department

Clinical Nurse Instructor - Nursing Education Services


5+ years of relevant experience


BScN/Post RN or Equivalent Qualification

Last Date

5/19/2024 12:00:00 AM

Job Description


Specific responsibilities of the Clinical Nurse Instructor include but are not limited to: -

  1. Orientation of new nurses
  2. Development and management of Mandatory education
  3. Clinical support and ongoing education of nurses
  4. Assessment of nurses using clinical competencies
  5. Identify and respond to the learning needs of individuals and the service
  6. Evaluation of the effectiveness of education within the organization

The Clinical Nurse Instructor is responsible for maintaining and developing following key performance areas:


1.1. Perform nursing practice in accordance with relevant policies and guidelines.

  1. Practice within own abilities.
  2. Demonstrate accountability for nursing practice.
  3. Demonstrate a high level of understanding, knowledge and skills in relevant field.
  4. Demonstrate expert clinical knowledge through problem solving and decision making.
  6. Conduct needs assessments using a variety of strategic tools. Assists learners in the assessment of needs and identification of outcomes.
  7. Incorporate principles of adult learning in the planning, implementation and evaluation of education programs.
  8. Coordinates orientation of new staffs with Nursing Education Services and Human Resource.
  9. Develops/coordinates education plans related to initial and ongoing competency validation.
  10. Develops/coordinates core education to address patient population specific nursing care.
  11. Identifies and evaluates instructional materials in all types of media and formats.
  12. Adjusts content and teaching strategies appropriate to learner needs.
  13. Provides educational opportunities that benefit nurses at all stages of their career development.
  14. Delivers competence-based programs for nursing staff with a focus upon improvement of skills and retention of knowledge.
  15. Supports staff development with educational activities.
  16. Evaluates the effectiveness of educational programming.
  17. Prepares short- and long-term planning and programs to address identified needs.
  19. Undertake the necessary components of the performance review process.
  20. Promote and participate in quality improvement activities and organizational accreditation processes.
  21. Participate in relevant committees, meetings and service activities as required and provide relevant feedback and dissemination of appropriate information.
  22. Assess and evaluate the quality of education resources and equipment required to meet the learning needs of nurses in the retrieval environment.
  23. Participate in critical incident debriefings as required.
  24. Participate in the development and review of clinical guidelines.
  26. Responds to changes in nursing practice and develops programs to support those changes.
  27. Ensures that educational programs are congruent with organizational missions, values, and goals.
  28. Maintains flexibility when managing multiple roles and responsibilities.
  29. Interprets and communicates across multiple disciplines.
  30. Promotes a safe and healthy work environment.
  31. LEADER
  32. Serves as a role model to promote excellence and safety.
  33. Maintains required educational and/or clinical competencies.
  34. Seek opportunities to develop staff in various roles.
  35. Integrates ethical principles in all aspects of practice.
  36. Serves as a role model for education and professional nursing practice.
  37. Role models and promotes the concept of lifelong learning.
  38. Leads committees, work groups and /or projects related to the implementation of educational activities.